Hello world!

When I started editing the default template for this website it was titled “Hello World” which is absolutely fitting to describe where the name “Elo World” came from. I remember when I was first learning programming, the first program you learned to write was a program that outputted the words “Hello World” to the screen. When trying to select a name for a site that discusses Marketing Technology, mainly Eloqua, what better way to incorporate the technology aspect by using the first three letters of “ELOqua” to do a play on the phrase “Hello World”. Anyways, Surely you are not here to increase your knowledge of where the name for this site came from, but I did want to make my first post a bit of an introduction to the name, I will end this here and we can “circle back” to it later. Writing is not my strong suit, so let’s “pivot” onto the two items in my “wheelhouse“, throwing around cringe worthy buzzwords and discussing Marketing Technology.

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